We’re Getting Married


Kristen DeYoung

Kristen DeYoung - Maid of Honor

College roommate (and current roommate) of the bride, Kristen spends 29 hours each day slaving away in medical school and, one day soon, she’ll be taking care of our ears, noses and throats as an ENT specialist. We just took a whirlwind trip to New York and Kristen literally had us shopping til we dropped. And, I’m so thankful to be a part of her wedding just three weeks after ours with a beautiful ceremony in Charleston!

Catherine Griffin

Catherine Griffin - Bridesmaid

Catherine just turned 13 years old and is Jeffrey’s little-est sister. But, don’t think she’s fooled often! She is always beating Jeffrey at anything and everything, even (and especially) Scrabble – and she’s my partner in crime when tricking Jeffrey. She also plays volleyball for her school and adopts kittens from the animal shelter.

Elizabeth Griffin

Elizabeth Griffin - Bridesmaid

Elizabeth is Jeffrey’s middle sister and a junior at Sewanee (From Jeffrey: “For those of you who don’t know or simply just don’t care,  Sewanee is very similar to Wofford, despite being inferior in every way”). Most recently, she’s been found on the roof of her house, decked out in war paint, hurling water balloons at Jeffrey. Needless to say, she’s always fun to be around! She’s majoring in International and Global Studies with a concentration in Caribbean and Latin American Civilization and she’ll be studying abroad in Argentina this spring.

Leslie Griffin

Leslie Griffin - Bridesmaid

Leslie is Jeffrey’s oldest sister & a senior at Wofford College. She’s the best party planner and is currently interning for a wedding planner here in Charleston for the summer, so she’s been a big help with ours! She just studied abroad in Nantes, France and she can speak fluent French, which I think is very impressive. We were visiting Leslie in France when Jeffrey proposed, so it was fun to celebrate with Leslie and her boyfriend, Cash!

Becca Hayter

Becca Hayter - Bridesmaid

Becca and I are college friends and roomed together our senior year. I think we spent most of our time renting seasons of 24 from the school library and eating Reeses cups for breakfast (and dinner). Becca is my most glamorous and stylish friend, and one of my most favorite memories with her is spending a week in Miami after college as glamorous fashionistas. It’s going to be one celebratory late summer/fall…I am lucky enough to be Becca’s maid of honor this August! Becca is graduating from PA school this fall and moving to Asheville, NC after her wedding!

Ashley Altman Hipp

Ashley Altman Hipp - Bridesmaid

Ashley and I have been friends forever and she’s the closest thing I have to a sister – our parents practically raised both of us. We met in the 7th grade and were inseparable throughout middle school and high school, spending any time we could at either Edisto or Litchfield beaches. Ashley went off to Clemson, met the love of her life, Derek, and I was so honored to be the maid of honor in their wedding last summer. She now lives in Columbia and works as a speech pathologist for children.

Sara Riggs

Sara Riggs - Bridesmaid

Sara and I met at the very beginning of our freshman year at Wofford as I was trying to break into her dorm room, thinking it was mine. We lived on exact opposite sides of the dorm, and I was feverishly trying to unlock her door when she opened the door. Luckily, Sara never meets a stranger and the same held true that night. We’ve been close friends ever since. Currently, Sara works as an Admissions Counselor at Wofford and gets to travel the country recruiting lots of young Terriers.

Allison Triplett

Allison Triplett - Bridesmaid

You could never find a better friend than Allison – she’s funny, edgy and always adventurous, and her infectious laugh sometimes got us into a little bit of trouble in church. A few years ago, Allison and I traveled to Honduras together on a mission trip and almost brought back every single child we met. Allison is currently pursuing an Art degree at Francis Marion University, and has a booming photography business on the side.